Ordnance Vietnam 1962 - 1972

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Michael (Butch) CASSIDY (2AOD 1971)

Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll



We Were Soldiers Too
Since 1972, a lot has been written about Australia’s involvement in Vietnam.


''365 and a Wakey''
'365 and a Wakey'
I arrived at Ton Son Nhut Airport in March 1971, the first thing that hit me was the oppressive humidity, the second was the stench and thirdly was all the military activity that was taking place,



''365'' Cont.'d
These incidents were a reality and even though the people who did these things may have been regarded as nonconformist' at the time, the fact of the matter was,


he day before I was due to go home all I could think about was the RTA sendoff that night and then, getting on the plane the next day to go home.


 'Nui Dat Dunny'
A visit to the Nui Dat Dunny.
(Translation......."Dunny" = "Toilet")
Supplied by Trevor Jones
Q platoon, Admin coy. 4RAR/NZ 1971


A Nasho in 'Nam
Story by Mike Fernando

I read the call up notice I’d received in the mail, “Report to Marrickville Army Training Centre in one months time”. I had been working as a clerk for the last two years and I felt like I was getting into a rut.


This is a true story written by Peter James--. Pete has grasped (I feel) what so many others feel, when sitting around drinking with other Vets. We so often forget that it takes (I think) 10 blokes to keep one bloke in the field.


J.H. Remembers
One of my first memories of mt tour was soon after I arrived at the Unit I was allocated the left hand rear bedspace of the hut.


Jimmy Ling's Diary
From the Diary of Cpl. J.A.Ling Introduction:
I was posted to I OFP, Nui Dat, South Vietnam in early April 1970 from 2 BOD Moorebank NSW.


John M’s Story
I was born on 24/5/50 and grew up in Wodonga, my parents were migrants, Mum was from Stuttgart in Germany


Jonesey's Story Part 1 'Enlistment'

A lifelong friend of mine encouraged me to write this, my story.


Jonesy Part 2 'The Regiment'
I think that you will have the idea by now that this was not where I wanted to be either.
On the fourth day I was taken to Northern Command Personnel Depot and formally charged.


Jonesy Part 3 'The Dat'
We sat for what seemed an eternity amid the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest airports in the world at that time. Eventually we were addressed by an officer from somewhere, who informed us that aircraft would soon arrive to ferry us out to Nui Dat.


Jonesy Part 4 'Settling In'
A semi-sleepless night followed by another day of patrolling and then into the night routine all over again. I was dog tired on this second night and water was going to be a big problem.


Jonesy Part 5. 'R.T.A.'
I was happy when it was my turn to go back to Courtenay hill and get away from him for a while.


My name is Dennis Wynne and I served in Aussie Army as a Communications Op on board Army LSM AV1356 Clive Steele in 1968/69 and 70.


Vung Tau Surfer
by: Bill Kernoczy

South China Sea, Vung Tau, 1970
You could feel the midday sun beginning to burn as we sat astride our boards outside the line of breakers in the warm, sparkling surf


Wayne Write's
I arrived, in Vungers, along with a truckload of others including the new OC, Graham Loughton, on Christmas Eve 1970.